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Rishi Tea Packaging

Rishi Tea Packaging

Rishi Tea Packaging

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Rishi refreshed their brand identity, wanting to convey the culture and history of the brand, with modern aesthetics. Choosing Neenah ESTATE® Label no. 8, was critical to achieving their desired results. They wanted a label that conveys the elegance and timelessness that exemplifies Rishi Tea and positions them as a premium brand that stands out from the competition.

In 2019, Rishi Tea decided it was time to rebrand and rethink their Tea Sachet Cartons as well. In selecting materials, Rishi knew they wanted an uncoated folding board for a more tactile experience and chose NEENAH® Folding Board, Bright White in an Eggshell finish. The result? Packaging that is “rewarding on all sides”- from informative product information and messaging to charming illustration and details shown in Emboss and foil. This tea box invites engagement by teasing the senses.



Studio MPLS


Rishi Tea



Production Techniques


3.5 x 3.75 x 4.5